Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eight images from USAF 60th Anniv show

Added eight images taken at the 60th Anniv Air Show at the Nellis AFB held in 2007.

The images range from a Heritage Flight consisting of a P-51, FA-22, F-4 and an A-10, to a stunt helicopter! This helicopter was at altitude when four sky divers jumped with smoke.
Later this Helicopter started doing things that I thought only the Apache and Comanche Helicopters could do - it flew a loop!!! and flew at another circle with the rotors vertical to the ground!!! AMAZING!!!

Five more CF cards!

Added five more CF Cards to my CF collection...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

High speed continuous shooting mode - Five Shot s in five seconds on a Canon G2!?!

Normally in the high speed continuous shooting mode, three shots can be taken within 1.5 Seconds.
I stumbled on a realization that one can actually take (at least) five images when using the SanDisk Extreme III Compact Flash Card - I used the 1 GB Extreme III card and was amazed to see a series of five shots taken had been taken of a wave breaking over the breakwater in King Harbor (Redondo Beach) - With a Ultra or Standard CF card, normally the Canon G2 takes three (in a second an a half) before the buffer / CF write delays the sequence.

This sequence was hand held - a Tripod would have helped...

I'll have to try another "sequence" of shots to see just how many shots I can get before the buffer/CF write delay pauses he series of images

From the more properties field (reading the EXIF data) the "Date and
Time" for each of the images is as follows:

2009:04:15 18:26:59-07:00
2009:04:15 18:27:00-07:00
2009:04:15 18:27:01-07:00
2009:04:15 18:27:01-07:00
2009:04:15 18:27:02-07:00

Sunday, April 26, 2009

11 Images added of Big Waves in Manhattan Beach

Finally added 11 images taken April 11 of some big waves in Manhattan Beach in my flickr account
Added more images from Knott's Berry Farm - two are from the Silver Bullet Roller Coaster - different lightings

More CF cards added to the collection...

Added two more CF cards the the Collection, SanDisk 10 MB and 32 MB Shoot & Share

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm - four images uploaded

Four images from the 2009-04-24 trip to Knott's Berry Farm (after the Music Festival in Irvine) on flickr in a new set "Amusement Parks". One was of Ghost Rider Roller Coaster, the other three were of a bird... Not sure the species...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Macro test using an Exakta 400mm

This weekend I plan on seeing what I can do with my Exakta 400mm lens mounted on my Canon G2... This should be interesting...
Additional test shots will include adding an extension tubes and even a bellows...

10MB Sandisk Compact Flash

Received my latest addition to my Compact Flash Card Collection - a 10MB SanDisk Compact Flash Card in it's original box!!! I'll add a photo to my flickr CF Set in the next day or two...

Exakta 135mm Lens mounted on a Canon G2

Finally added the images of the Exakta 135mm mounted to one of my Canon G2s set-up used to take the IBM ThinkPad macro image

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Step Down Adapters arrived!!!

Received the two step down adapters to allow me to connect my Primary Exakta Lens to my Canon G2. I'll post some images on my flickr account of the set up and images taken with the set-up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

TWIPPhoto is now Photofocus & TWiPlog

Great Photography webpage with netcasts (podcasts and videocasts) This Week in Photography has changed it's name to TWiPlog (This Week in Photography Log)

Photofocus is a blog/website by Scott Bourne (also a contributor to TWiPlog).
Photofocus and is an amazing web site.

Check them both out for some great interviews, and photography tips!!!

Photography - Panoramas

Added multiple panoramas and landscape images to my flickr account in the
Panorama Sets