Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 Partitions on a CF ?

On a trip to Denver last November, I went to Circuit City to purchase a new 2 GB Compact Flash card for my G2 (as I didn't bring enough CF cards with me and the largest CF card that can be written to is 2GB...) To my surprise the 4GB card was less then the 2GB, so I purchased it. 4GB CF was subsequently formatted in my Canon G2, resulting in two partitions - one 2.00 GB and one 1.82 GB Unallocated or basically unusable. After downloading (and backing up) the images, I tried to reformat the CF card a couple of ways in the windows world to try to get back the unused partition. Unfortunately the format operation just formatted the 2GB partition; using Disk Management to format only allows me to format the 2.00 GB partition and results in the same - any ideas on how to remove the partition and subsequently format the entire 4GB Compact Flash?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Numismatic Enclopedia

NGC has a Numismatic Encyclopedia section up on their web site - check it out if you are interested in Numismatics!

The reason I was looking for this information, is my son is collecting both the State Quarters (both Mint Marks "P" and "D") as well as the Presidential Dollars (from both Mint Marks), thus I was looking for why the Presidential $1 coins have two different designations for the two different orientations of the edge text orientation (i.e. Date, Mint Mark & Motto is incused in the edge of the piece). PCGS Price Guide for Presidential Dollars refers to these two orientation as "Position A" and "Position B", while other references refer to the different orientations as "Type 2" and "Type 1" respectively.

I've posted two images of the James Monroe $1 Coin, one of each of the two different edge text orientations; each image has been annotated with both designations to help make this clear Position B or Type 1 and Position A or Type 2 up on my flickr account (they are in the Macro set)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Digital Life blog / podcast

Found another web site that My Digital Life that is a blog and also produces podcasts about digital equipment and also addresses questions about to use them. As of May 1st, they have produced four Episodes.