Wednesday, April 29, 2009

High speed continuous shooting mode - Five Shot s in five seconds on a Canon G2!?!

Normally in the high speed continuous shooting mode, three shots can be taken within 1.5 Seconds.
I stumbled on a realization that one can actually take (at least) five images when using the SanDisk Extreme III Compact Flash Card - I used the 1 GB Extreme III card and was amazed to see a series of five shots taken had been taken of a wave breaking over the breakwater in King Harbor (Redondo Beach) - With a Ultra or Standard CF card, normally the Canon G2 takes three (in a second an a half) before the buffer / CF write delays the sequence.

This sequence was hand held - a Tripod would have helped...

I'll have to try another "sequence" of shots to see just how many shots I can get before the buffer/CF write delay pauses he series of images

From the more properties field (reading the EXIF data) the "Date and
Time" for each of the images is as follows:

2009:04:15 18:26:59-07:00
2009:04:15 18:27:00-07:00
2009:04:15 18:27:01-07:00
2009:04:15 18:27:01-07:00
2009:04:15 18:27:02-07:00

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