Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 Partitions on a CF ?

On a trip to Denver last November, I went to Circuit City to purchase a new 2 GB Compact Flash card for my G2 (as I didn't bring enough CF cards with me and the largest CF card that can be written to is 2GB...) To my surprise the 4GB card was less then the 2GB, so I purchased it. 4GB CF was subsequently formatted in my Canon G2, resulting in two partitions - one 2.00 GB and one 1.82 GB Unallocated or basically unusable. After downloading (and backing up) the images, I tried to reformat the CF card a couple of ways in the windows world to try to get back the unused partition. Unfortunately the format operation just formatted the 2GB partition; using Disk Management to format only allows me to format the 2.00 GB partition and results in the same - any ideas on how to remove the partition and subsequently format the entire 4GB Compact Flash?

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