Sunday, October 11, 2009

Phone Scams continue...

Recieved a phone call at 10 Oct. 2009 at 10:18 hrs asking to talk to Richard (no last name). The caller identified himself as a detective that is investigating people that have receive calls asking for them to send money to Jamaica in order to receive a large amount of money in return. I indicated that I have not receive any. The caller asked me to call him back so they can get these guys.

The caller then indicated that his name is Mr. Mathews and that he would like me to call him back. I indicated that I understood. He then indicated that he was Detective Mr. Mathews and that he would like me to call him back if I receive a call asking for me to send money. I indicated that he had already said that.
He then gave me his phone number 1-876-864-4253. I asked if he was in Jamaica, and he indicated that he was. I told him that I have received a couple of calls asking me to call them about a delivery. He asked if I had called, I told them that I had not, since I have not done any business in Jamaica.

I said that I have reported this call to my security office and that they are investigating it. He again asked me to call him. I asked him what department he is with, and the call was disconnected...


I called my phone company (dialed 0) to explain that we've been receiving several phone calls from 876 area code, and that they didn't seem right and that I suspected them to be the type that and talked to the operator to see if these calls were somehow charged to the home phone number - she indicated that without going through an operator, that it could be charged to me, and that the call was on them.

Not surprising, Received a second phone call on 10 Oct 2009 at 1100 Hrs asking to talk to Richard. I indicated that I was he - the caller identified him as Marc Burns and that I have won $750,000 (darn, I forgot to ask how is that
that I won?... SInce I don't sign-up for those type os things...) - and am I interested in claiming this.
I asked what was his name again, he said:
Marc Burns

I asked what I had to do, he indicated that I needed to send $250 to:
Devon Ainsley
Montigo Bay Jamaica WI

I asked what was his number he stumbled around and said it was 1-876- 470-6282
He indicated that I should send payment Via Western Union. He asked if I wanted to take care of this, I replied that I would call the authorities and hung up.


Did I mention there was NO WAY I was going to cal back the "detective"

I once again called my phone company (by dialing 0) and talked with an operator to
ask if we can block phone calls from the 876 area code due to these fishing calls we have been receiving - she didn't know and transferred me to another person, he suggested calling the local business office and explain what is happening to them, and that they could take it to a higher level in their legal offices.

I once again I asked if there is a way for these calls to somehow charge me without going through the operator as in a collect call (which neither were) Again he indicated that I needed to talk with the local business office.

Needless to say, I'm calling first things on Monday!

Not sure how they got my phone number as our house phone is in my wife's name... Yet these were not the first phone call scams we have received. We received a different variant last month...

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