Friday, September 25, 2009

Phone Scam Calls from Jamiaca New Varient - Beware!!!

Over the last two weeks, I've received a couple of phone calls indicating that the caller would like me to call back to discuss delivery of a package.

The strange thing was that these message called me by my first name. The second indicated it was Mr. David and that he wanted to talk with me about the delivery of a package and to call him at his office at 876-283-0759. Since I was not expecting a package, nor have I sent a package to Jamaica nor to the Dominican Republic - I am/was suspicious... Thus I did a reverse phone look-up and was not able to find any (free) information about the number. I then did a check on the area code and found that Jamaica and the Dominican Republic share this area code.

This sounded like a phone scam that I remembered hearing about awhile ago, yet with a different twist - instead of calling to either claim a lottery, or that one has won a large amount of $$$, yet to claim need to send some money via Western Union,
This one was to call about a delivery of a package.

If one is curious about finding out more about scams check out

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